Passion Project?

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In order to afford going to University I’ve worked full time thorough the school year and in the summer’s since first year. It’s been great dipping my toe into different areas while still pursuing my main passion of education. This way of going through university allowed me to discover a new passion: Fitness. Currently, I am working as a Sales Associate for VI Fitness (Vancouver Island Fitness) and it has opened my eyes to something that I thrive on… MORNING PEOPLE. Throughout the week, I wake up at 4:30 am and open the gym for the early birds of Victoria. Being up so early, I find myself extremely drained by the late morning but in the early morning I have a great time. (I’m a morning person).

So for my passion project I am going to incorporate fitness somehow. Here are some of my ideas:

  • Workout everyday for ___ amount of time
  • Take out ____ of my diet
  • Incorporate ____ fitness classes per week into my schedule

On paper, fitness is great for sleep, overall health, eating habits and energy!

I’m hoping to gain more energy, tone my body and stay thoroughly hydrated throughout this process (whatever it is).


  • No progress or transformation photos. I don’t want to have any emotional damage. I want to go more about how I feel.
  • I don’t want to weigh myself.


How the heck am I supposed to measure progress if I don’t want to do progress photos or weigh myself? How do I measure feelings?

Possible Solution

  • Find some sort of reliable technology to check in with my feelings. (Some sort of App). Ex: Fitness Tracker
  • Do a Fitness Consultation at the beginning, middle and end.


Have a great day!


Future Jedi Teacheroffensive



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