San Diego. Wowza.

High Five Tech High


High Tech High, a Secondary Whole School in San Diego, California goes above and beyond in promoting independent learning. The school emphasizes student directed learning and allowing the students to take their education “by the balls”. Instead of having the teacher stand in front of the class and the students falling asleep, the instructors stand in the background and offer advice and guidance.

Instead of a final exam, students created a showcase for their parents and the public to come in and see what they have learned. What an amazing way to build community connection and integration!! I thoroughly enjoy this concept and when I become a teacher I really want to push this.

I wonder if it’s possible to do a practicum at this school?!

To play Devil’s advocate… if a fresh teacher were to do a practicum at this school, I wonder if it’d be more difficult to find a position in a more “traditional” school.

Have a great day!

Future Jedi Teacher


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