Passion Project Update #1

#EDCI366 #PassionProject


Dear Blog Readers,


For me to track some sort of data over the next few months, I will download a Fitness App to keep track of how long, what type and when I do physical activities. Also, I will be keeping a Food Log.

With the help of an App Called MyFitness Pal, I will be able to keep track of my calorie intake and my exercises.


What I hope to get out of this project, is a great consistent habit of health. I will be starting this new regime tomorrow and I’m very excited.

So starting tomorrow, I want to workout 8-10 hours a week. (I decided to not select days, just incase something comes up or I have a lot of homework).


So to start off this journey, for the first week I’m just going to get into the gym and figure out what I enjoy, try some classes, etc.

I will be meeting with a Personal Trainer at the end of the week to discuss this project and to get some advice on how much cardio and strength training I should be doing to achieve what I want.

Goal wise, I’m not sure what I want to achieve. I want to tone, strengthen and build up my cardio. So I guess to improve physically overall. Easy right?

Have a wonderful day!


Future Jedi Teacher


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