Supplements/Artificial Enhancers

Good Morning People,


So something just popped into my head:

  • Protein (WheyMax, VegaOne, WhyEssentials, VegaSport, etc.)
  • Pre-Workout (Vega Energizer, SuperFreak, etc.)
  • Post-Workout (Creatine, Glutamine, Mettle, etc.)


When it comes to supplements and enhancing my body’s performance artificially, I have no desire to train my body to require a artificial supplement in order to perform effectively. I want my body to be as natural as possible but to maintain overall muscle density and to help muscle recovery how can I achieve that without training my body to need a certain chemical.

I did some research and Vega is an all vegan, plant based option that’s all natural and organic. This appeals to me. I think for my journey, I am going to use VegaOne (Meal Supplement), Vega Sport (Protein Supplement) and Vega Energizer (Pre-Workout).

Here’s a link to their website for more information:


“Clean can mean many things depending on your point of view. We start with real, whole foods and keep them as minimally processed as possible. Additionally, Vega products are:
1. Certified vegan
2. Gluten-free
3. Non-GMO
4. Made without dairy or soy ingredients, artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners”

Based on the information on their website I will be using their products for the first week and once I bring it up to the Personal Trainer I will see if they suggest otherwise.

Have a wonderful day!


Future Jedi Teacher





2 thoughts on “Supplements/Artificial Enhancers

  1. Shannen Harle says:

    HI Nya,

    Looks like a great idea!
    I like healthy thoughts and healthy ways of living!
    I like hanging out with your type of person!

    For us old folks, your blog that I opened today was a lot of information to wade through.
    I was not sure what was advertisement and what you had written.
    I worked out some of it.

    I will be one of your followers, my Jedi Leader.

    I bought 3 chicks (baby chickens) yesterday.
    They will be new friends for the next month and a half here in Panama.

    They are only a few days old.
    I had them out this morning picking away at all of my local insects and grubs.
    Very Cute!!!
    They aren’t very good at catching anything yet, but they are having fun practicing!
    I built a temporary baby chicken pen in the back of an unused pickup truck in my garage to keep them safe at night and when I am not around..
    It works perfectly!

    Sharing my positive self with others (plants, animals and humans) is very healthy for me.
    I like sharing my positive energy.
    I get back what I give and it feels good!

    Love You
    Your Loyal Student

    Liked by 1 person

    1. nyaharle says:

      Hi Dad!

      Thanks for the follow!
      I’m so jealous of your adventure, instead of sending e-mails, you should incorporate a blog so that everyone can just in and see how you’re doing! It’s an online journal!

      Love you!


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