First Week- Update

Good Morning,

My week of hitting the gym everyday went fantastic! I did some research and it’s not healthy or productive for your body to push hard 7 days in a row at the gym. Your body needs to rest. So instead of hitting it HARD everyday, I did 5 days of tough workouts and for the other two days I did solely cardio. (Taking a high intensity Cardio class (iBurn) and taking a Spin Class).

A Peek into the Gym…  

To start off last week, initially the first couple of days I went to the gym 3 mornings in a row. However, by the time afternoon hit, I felt drained and tired. Group Fitness classes is a great way to fit in a workout and shock the body with moves that your body has never done. (It’s a great wake up for your muscles). A lot of people find working out with gym buddies helpful so I brought along girlfriends to both of those classes. It went great and we all had a blast. By the end of this week, my workouts have gotten more creative and I have started looking forward to going for a workout.


A Peek into my Food…

I’ve become a fish. Drinking water is extremely important for overall health, but now that I’ve been drinking so much water in the past week, I find myself thirsty consistently throughout the day. (It’s a pain in my ass).


Food wise, to start with, I’m NOT a “breakfast person” but I invested in some healthy organic yogurt and I’ve been eating that everyday for breakfast with a protein shake (VegaOne) and some sort of fruit. For lunch, I’ve mostly been doing shake and bake chicken breasts on salad. Dinner has been a lot of pasta with chicken breasts and potatoes.

This week was just me dipping my toe into this new lifestyle and I came up with an idea…

I’m going to assign myself a CHALLENGE every week to help me explore many different healthy/fitness oriented lifestyles over the course of the next few months.

My Next Challenge Is…

I’m going to incorporate a sauna session 4 times a week starting today. Please read my upcoming article on Saunas.


Talk soon,

Future Jedi Teacher


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