Cool Down or Hot Down?

Good Morning!

The facility that I workout/ work at VI Fitness promotes their members to use their saunas. My challenge this week is to use it habitually and see if I feel different. So far I’ve used it twice since my last post (Feb. 3) and they were both pleasant experiences.


A common misconception about sauna use post- workout is that it allows your body to keep burning fat. Unfortunately, that is not the case and I was surprised to find out that the weight use lose when you use a sauna is simply water weight.

Being chronically dehydrated is not a good state for the body, so you want to make sure to replace this lost water weight as soon as possible. But being in the high heat does cause your heart rate to go up slightly, which may make you able to burn more calories sitting in a sauna than you would sitting at rest in normal temperatures. However, this effect is very small and will likely not have a great overall impact on total calories burned.

Based on that information that I stumbled upon after my second use of the sauna, I began to use the sauna for more of a psychological relaxation piece to end my workout. It was a great way to relax after my workouts. I had to carve out extra time for it because I don’t like being rushed and it is very much worth it.


Physically I haven’t noticed any difference in my body.  It hasn’t changed my pimples or my overall body. Psychologically, it’s been awesome.

I’ve been sleeping better afterwards and it’s a great way to just have some plain old solo think time.

Have a wonderful day,


Future Jedi Teacher




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