Technological Brainwashing

Remember those TV commercials in the late 90s that promoted us to not believe everything we see on TV?

For example: The House Hippo


Basically, it helped children to see that not everything on television is real. Nowadays, it’s very tricky to find legitimate sources due to mass media bombarding us. Another interesting aspect is that now, everyone has access to all the information and it can be difficult to judge if someone has accurate information because you can’t ask your brother to print out his bibliography so that you can fact check him on if Puffins are endangered.

Biases are the most prominent aspect in commercials and News stations, especially when it came to The Wall commercial at the Super Bowl regarding Trump’s wall concept and two immigrants finding a way through to success.


Perhaps in this day and age, we should be teaching our students how to find accurate and legitimate information than just the first website that pops up.


Have a great Family Day weekend!



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