Finding Time

Good Evening! time-for-fitness

Something came to my mind today while I was working out..

So many people create time for themselves to workout and better themselves through fitness. A main objective that I deal with a lot when it comes to selling/promoting gym memberships, is a lot of people “Don’t have time” to come in and fit in exercise.

Throughout my passion project, I’ve woken up an hour earlier, fit in 45 minutes before bed, attended fitness classes in between school, etc. Whether this is due to feeling an obligation because it is an assignment, or that I have to be accountable (due to this blog), I’m not sure but so far I have been able to maintain fitness as a daily ritual.

A friend of mine told me that what gets her out of bed at 6:00am every morning is:

“How bad do I want it?”

When she asks this to herself when considering to stay in bed or not, she finds herself feeling motivated.


Do you have any sayings that help you feel motivated?

Have a great week!



One thought on “Finding Time

  1. oldheartnewstart says:

    I wake up an hour earlier most mornings to practice guitar and write music. For years, I told myself I didn’t have the time or energy. But one morning I gave waking up at 5 a try. Wrote part of a song before work in the morning, and felt fantastic and accomplished all day!

    Same principle with fitness. If you really want it, you’ll find time. Great article!

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