Two Types of Fitness?

Good Morning!

Recently I came across a young woman who laughed when I told her I worked at a gym.

She said that she believes in Natural Fitness.

“Natural Fitness is when you incorporate nature and overall outdoor activities to maintain fitness. For instance I rock climb outdoors, hike and ski. My self confidence has been built by trying new things, going on adventures and building memories.”

My mind was blown.

When I workout in a gym, I am surrounded by mirrors, people flexing, supplements, indoor tanning, artificial obstacles, etc.

In nature, it’s you against natural obstacles, zero mirrors, soaking up natural sunlight and sometimes it’s just you with time for your own thoughts.

Adventure is one of my main values and when she mentioned that instead of inside in a mirror surrounded indoor venue, she’s out exploring and having fun in nature, I found myself rethinking about working out in a gym atmosphere.

Is the gym atmosphere blooming from people’s insecurities and lack of self esteem?

Someone who is physically  sculpted like a Greek God may look beautiful but would they be able to hike a mountain? Run on the beach?


In Nature we are building confidence in ourselves.

What are we building in the gym?

What do you think?



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