Passion Project Update: Progress

Good Morning People!

So as you probably know, I’ve been pursuing Fitness as my Passion Project and incorporating it into my daily routine as well as creating new healthy eating habits.

It’s been a HUGE success and I’ve seen more definition in my legs and my energy levels have increased! I also find that I have been able to fall asleep quicker due to getting rid of all the built up heebie jeebies.

My workout routine was solely cardio and butt exercises for the first while of my Passion Project due to my own idea of what kind of body I wanted:

Image result for toned bum and abs

However, as I started talking to other people at the gym and started thinking about how I wanted to feel, I realized that I wanted to be healthy and strong. I didn’t want to just do it for looks, I wanted to create my best self.

To become overall stronger, I started lifting weights, doing core workouts while still incorporating cardio.

My body soaked it up. By building muscle my body started to crave weights and I had to incorporate more protein into my diet. I am naturally short and thicker due to my genetics, so when I started using weights it was easier for me to shed pounds and feel more confident about my body. When I went home over the weekend I asked my Mom if she noticed a difference, she said: “You look stronger and more fit.”

That comment was exactly what I was looking for because recently I have been feeling AWESOME.

Food wise, I have been meal prepping every Sunday night by making a huge thing of salad, oven baking chicken breasts and buying 7 avocados. (Salad, chicken on top and for a dressing I cut up the avocado).

Image result for salad with chicken and avocado

I’m not looking to “lose weight”, I am looking to become more fit and stronger.

My favourite workout that I just recently discovering is the Stair Master! I was always too nervous to try it, but recently I tried it out and I love it.

Image result for stairmaster

What’s your favourite exercise?

Have a wonderful day!




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