Gift Yourself with You


I believe that it is essential for you to find something that makes you feel empowered and cherished.

To live a beautiful and fulfilling life, we need to take care of ourselves.


If I don’t carve out time for myself but I carve out time for others, I start to feel physically and emotionally drained. When I put myself as a priority, I am able to be more engaging, fun and charismatic when I spend time with other people.

We are living in a fast paced society, phones, events, work, kids, school, etc. It can be overwhelming, stressful and you might end up giving up and moving to Hawaii and joining a nudist colony. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that).

When we are feeling drained and overwhelmed, it becomes easy to say things we don’t mean, pick arguments over minor things, eat unhealthily, not be able to sleep and ultimately become the worse versions of ourselves.

I love going to the beach or on a hike with my camera and taking as long as I want wandering around snapping photos. When I explained this to my Grandma, she said:

“That’s an interesting form of self love; I usually sip a coffee and watch my bird feeder.” Too adorable.

My beautiful Grandma and I a few years ago when I took her to the Comox Sandcastle Competition.

Being the curious and prying self that I am, I decided to ask my friends and coworkers:

What is one specific thing that you do to help you love yourself and your life?

“I find that being open, honest and true to yourself always does something for yourself daily. I have notes on my mirror with inspirational personal notes. Reminders to love and appreciate yourself.” Taylor-Rae

“Hiking with my dog clears my mind and brings a smile to my face and heart.” Daniel

“Practicing Gratitude. When I’m down or in a funk, remembering all of the things I have to be grateful for immediately lifts my mood and recreates that feeling of love for myself and life.” Alanna

“I like to work out with my sister who is also one of my best friends. Exercise makes me feel overall better and gives me a nice little break. Having my sister with me is a perk  because we can catch up and spend time together while improving our fitness.” Lauren

“The gym gets me out of my head.” KC

“I like to work out at the gym and sticking to a schedule to help keep me accountable as well as staying organized. I also make sure to set aside time just for myself to relax to keep my mental health at bay.”  Nadine

“By partaking in kickboxing classes I feel that it has empowered myself and made myself more comfortable with being confident. I find the practice and knowledge of being able to defend yourself so empowering and uplifting that it helps in day to day interactions. As someone who was always so shy and ready to fold at any indication of conflict this is really something that I hold dear . It also helps release any negative thoughts or energies that you may be holding onto so that you can then focus on any positives that are to come.” Steph

To purposely carve out time to engage in your own thoughts and passions one must set it as a priority.

You have to make YOU a priority.

we-want-you - Copy.png

What do you do for yourself?

Have a wonderful day!



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