Fitness Journey: Hannah

Good Morning People!12342562_10153840949153217_8003126633339722646_n

I’d like to introduce to you my friend Hannah:

We have worked together for a few months and we have also had our fair share of hitting the dance floor.

Hannah workouts out consistently and we have joked that her and I are the sweatiest girls in the gym!

Since I’ve been working out regularly, I’ve run into Hannah on the StairMaster, working abs, saunaing, etc.

Here is a brief glimpse into what she thinks about the gym:

How do you motivate yourself to go workout? “I motivate myself to workout knowing how good I feel after I sweat it out and lift weights.”

14079465_10154519431823217_5426157561686742163_nWhy do you workout? “I workout because it helps me motivate myself to have a healthy lifestyle. After a good gym sesh, I feel like it is a waste if I go and eat something unhealthy.” 

Who do you workout for? “I workout for myself. I have more energy when I consistently eat healthy and go to the gym. It also puts me in a better mood!”

What kind of music is on your workout playlist? Top songs? “My workout playlist consists of mostly pop and R n B. My top favourite songs to sweat to are:  

  1. Magic – Thomas Gold (
  2. Too Good – Rihanna and Drake (
  3. Captize – Friendship (
  4. Don’t Tell Em – Jeremih (

When did you start hitting the gym consistently? “I have been dancing all my life, but I bought my first gym membership in February 2015 and I’ve been  trying to go consistently ever since!”

What has been the most significant change with how you feel about your body since you started? “I’ve had ups and downs with my fitness journey, but the biggest thing I’ve noticed is my overall strength in my arms.”

In the past were you insecure about your body? “I have honestly never been insecure about my body. Be your own best self and love yourself!”

Hannah is truly a confident young woman who is engaging, fun, honest and kind. If you’d like to know more about her and her fitness journey please contact her via Twitter or Comment on this article.

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Hannah Harper

Hannah Harper


Have a wonderful day!



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