Skype Call: Keith Rispin

From the Vancouver School District, Keith Rispin engaged with our class via Skype! Google Apps for Education and Google Classroom (which we learned about at the start of the term) were the basis of what Keith was talking about. Learning Management Systems (Moodle, Google Classroom, etc.) have been around for a while now, however, we’re still trying to grasp just how convenient these tools are. The structure is all online (Assignment, Assessment, Students and Resources).

These systems have allowed success for Students and Teachers when it comes to organization regarding assignments and important notices. Google Classroom, is easily accessible and straightforward to work with regarding adding and grading students’ assignments.

Dog ate your homework? Not anymore!


Keith Rispinyn4S8ps4_400x400.jpg


Father, Husband, Educator. Think life is far 2 short 2 B taken seriously & am a wee bit of a fecal agitator. Some say I know a little bit abt technology in

North Vancouver
For more info regarding Google Classroom go check our Alice Keeler‘s Blog!
Have a wonderful day!



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